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January 1, 1970

Dinesh Murali MD reflects on a disruptive and successful year

Just over a year after his appointment as Managing Director of Delta Insurance New Zealand, Dinesh Murali can wryly reflect on one of the most disrupted years in the company’s history – but also one of the most successful. “It was challenging for everyone in terms of mental wellbeing, with a lot of ups and downs, particularly through the lockdown in spring,” he says. “But the team really bounced back, came together, and showed huge resilience – and delivered a strong financial result. ” Dinesh says being appointed to the top job in New Zealand was a personal highlight, coming after eight years at the company. “I’m very grateful to Ian [Pollard] and Craig [Kirk – Delta founders] for the faith they showed in me.” One of the five original Delta employees when it started up eight years ago, he remembers the “high-fiving” when he won his first account – and the passion and energy back then. “It’s a challenge to keep that passion and energy going, but we managed to - and you still see it cascading down from the leaders to the team. People come and work here because they like it. We’re a passionate bunch.” He's also grateful to his colleague Adrian Sweeney, hired by Delta to take over managing Delta’s underwriting team, when he stepped into the MD role. “It can be difficult letting a previous role go; Adrian took it on with vigour, which was both a relief and a motivating force for me as well. It is great to have someone of that calibre in the role.” Dinesh says one of the most important learnings from the pandemic and lockdown experience was the strength of the company’s culture. “Everyone pulled their weight, thinking creatively – for example, we hosted a dozen broker webinars which were really well received. The values we all came up with as a company three years ago have been invaluable guiding us through the pandemic – as they will in the future.” “Another takeout for me was learning how to work from home with the least disruption. We thought that keeping our service standards high and our culture alive away from the office might prove difficult. Now we know we can do it. Generally people want to come back to the office. They miss the atmosphere, but we are mindful our people need flexibility. What I’ve noticed over the last few weeks as the team have been coming back in is the camaraderie, the passion and the collaboration within the team. It’s what makes us at Delta such a special bunch." With lockdowns hopefully a thing of the past, Dinesh says he’s certainly looking forward to getting back into the market with his teams. “Our customers and partners are our lifeblood. Being in front of brokers and clients, one-to-one, is really important to us. I’ve missed that. I’m also looking forward to ramping up on the innovation that Delta is renowned for – our secret sauce! We had to innovate in a different way through COVID and now is time for us to refocus on our broker networks, product development, technology risk management solutions and thought leadership.” He's also expecting more expansion at Delta. “We’re looking to grow the team – and develop more young talent.” What will success look like in a year’s time? For Dinesh, customer satisfaction and financial targets are important measures and he’s keen to see technology enhancements to Delta’s systems and processes, but he views employee happiness as the prime goal. “If everyone working for Delta enjoys their role, has the right work-life balance, and goes home content at the end of the day, I see that as success. This flows on to our customers and our partners – for me, people are the biggest priority of the company and always will be.” Read More

May 6, 2022

Kate Murray – Insurance Business Rising Star

Delta New Zealand graduate underwriter Kate Murray says she’s still a bit shocked being named by Insurance Business New Zealand magazine as one of its 28 “Rising Stars” in 2022. “I feel honoured to be among such a talented group.” Read More

March 8, 2022

A chat with Delta’s Cecilia Lim on International Women’s Day

As part of International Women’s Day 2022 we want to take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing women who are part of the Delta Insurance Group family. Read More