New Zealand

Delta Spotlight - Chloe Millar

Bursting with enthusiasm and delighted to be right where her strengths lie, Events and Facilities Manager Chloe Millar has thrived in marketing roles since completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations Advertising and Applied Communication at Auckland University of Technology. The degree and direction was chosen after aptitude tests suggested this was precisely where she might flourish. After an introduction to the working world at Lululemon on the retail side of things, a desire to get involved in the mechanics of how a business really works saw Chloe joining a startup in the fitness industry. This proved an absolute revelation, and she got stuck right in as a marketing jack of all trades, reveling in community engagement, outreach events, activations, customer relations, talent sourcing and management and everything else in between. Among her biggest successes was organizing and executing an event in aid of breast cancer, raising a whopping $20,000 for the cause. Five rewarding years with the company saw her honing her abilities while appreciating the many facets of going from startup to bigger successes.

Chloe's meticulous approach defines her as a value-driven professional. Taking pride in making other people’s workdays easier, she is detail oriented, versatile, a problem-solver and highly focused on being pivotal and indispensable by taking on any assigned task …then going above and beyond.

After a brief stint in recruitment – which affirmed a belief in staying with her strengths – Chloe joined Delta Insurance on the recommendation of a close associate and feels she’s found her long-term home. Being a part of a dynamic organisation with the opportunity to make her mark with high quality, bigger and better events, Chloe looks forward to growing a team and putting Delta firmly on the map as the underwriter of choice.

Away from the office, Chloe is a confessed fitness fanatic, keen camper and hiker, and a dedicated ‘family girl’, treasuring her sister and parents.