New Zealand

Delta Spotlight - Glenn Dawson

Glenn Dawson confesses that his journey with Delta has been a long-term affair. He had his sights set on us from a distance before taking the leap and becoming Senior Underwriter for Directors & Officers Liability products. Now, he's part of the Delta family, perched comfortably in the picturesque Cardrona Valley, feeling like he's exactly where he belongs, both personally and professionally.

Like many in his field, Glenn didn't plan to dive into the world of insurance; it kind of stumbled upon him. After years of working in hospitality that took him across the UK and Europe on his big 'OE', he eventually found himself in Sydney. The late nights and work-all-weekends lifestyle of Hospo was wearing thin, and the idea of insurance piqued his interest. At the age of 24, he got his first taste of the industry in a call center. It turned out he had a knack for it, and soon he was an Assistant Professional Indemnity Underwriter, later specializing in Directors & Officers coverage.

Glenn thrives on the diverse challenges of underwriting. Moving from coal mining in the morning to crypto in the afternoon, all through a D&O lens, finding the frictions and challenges of different industries, picking apart what’s going on and how things work is all in a day’s work. “I go down a lot of rabbit holes, with a lot of moving parts,” he laughs.

With an eye on returning to his homeland – and with that eye on a growing Delta Insurance – the Covid restrictions did two things in his favour. Remote work became more feasible, and an opportunity opened with his preferred employer, Delta. “It’s great being part of a nimble, responsive and growing company with a great reputation for thoughtful service where I can add real value with my broad international network,” he says.

While Glenn is based in the South Island, he collaborates closely with all of Delta's offices as his role has a national scope. He frequently travels to the major centers and perhaps a few off-the-beaten-path locations. When he's not working from home or jetting around the country, Glenn has a passion for the great outdoors, family time, and is a self-confessed rugby nut.