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Delta Spotlight - Jackie Costello

Delta Spotlight - Jackie Costello

Purpose has always played a direct role in Jackie Costello’s life. Initially considering a career in law or journalism as outlets for her creativity and determination to help others, it was just by chance that she fell into the insurance industry. What started as a 6-month dalliance has become a permanent career, as six years later Jackie is forging ahead with a promising career. “The scope of how far people can go in the industry, all while providing an essential service that helps others and makes a real, impactful change in people’s lives, and working with some amazing colleagues are the things that kept me here,” she smiles.

A recent addition to the Delta staff complement, Jackie says she encountered some of the office staff some years ago. “Having immediately clicked with them and hearing great things about the company, it kind of planted a seed. When the opportunity came to join the company, I jumped at it!”

As a Liability Underwriter, Jackie says her current focus is on core policies which she says has given her a fresh perspective of liability after previously working ‘on the other side of the fence’. “I was first introduced to the world of liability during my time as a claims broker,” she says, recalling it was the complexity and ambiguity of liability claims that reeled her in. “There’s so much to learn and I feel like I leave the office everyday packed with new information!”

As a young and promising talent, Jackie is passionate about bringing about positive change in the industry. “There’s definitely a negative reputation connected to insurance, especially for domestic lines, with a lot of people (falsely) believing that we’re in the business of deliberately avoiding paying out at claims time,” she says, “this perception stems from either misinformation or no information, like purchasing a policy without understanding its provisions and what they’re entitled to.”

Such an apprehension is less likely when providing niche solutions; Jackie also has great respect for Delta’s broker network, who she credits with helping deliver the right products for end customers. “Someone described brokers as ‘the meat in the sandwich’,” she laughs. “I think it pretty much sums it up. We can’t run a successful business without them, they add tremendous value.” Looking ahead, Jackie has a bright future with Delta and she’s making the most of it with a positive attitude and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. “Delta provides a very supportive environment and a great culture. And as an international company, you kind of feel like the world is your oyster.”