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Delta Spotlight - Michael Hookham

While it wasn’t necessarily the plan, Michael - joined the Insurance Industry in 2006 and remained - ever since. Chance played a role in steering him towards insurance, diverging from his initial aspirations in a different industry. Armed with a bachelor's degree in economics and international business, Michael joined an insurance graduate program in 2006, swiftly ascending through various roles within the company.

Michael's passion for automobiles, particularly as a self-confessed car enthusiast, became the driving force behind his career. His ascent to the position of Portfolio Manager for Commercial Motor, marked a significant milestone. With 17 years of experience at another insurance firm, where he also served as the Chairman of the Motor Committee for the Insurance Council of New Zealand, Michael embraced a new challenge by joining Delta Insurance as the Head of Commercial Motor.

Emphasising the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of motor vehicle insurance, Michael highlights the influence of megatrends such as electric vehicles, ride-sharing, autonomous cars, and specialised vehicles. According to him, this transformative environment necessitates innovative insurance solutions. To achieve this, he reinforces the importance of flexibility in products and approach, referring to it as the "art of underwriting." Michael believes in understanding emerging vehicular risks and crafting bespoke solutions tailored to clients' needs. Deltas approach to Brokers and clients having direct access to subject matter experts who can develop solutions is essential to achieve the best results for all.

Whether that vehicle is a specialist dental truck visiting schools around New Zealand, or a fleet of new Electric Vehicles helping a corporate reduce their carbon footprint, he’s confident Delta has the solution.

The opportunity to develop a motor proposition with Delta and make a mark in a changing and dynamic field proved irresistible. “In a dynamic company, you are encouraged deliver- successful outcomes for clients, not be locked into a standard process. That’s what I love about Delta Insurance, it’s a company where the art of underwriting matters.”

Beyond the office, Michael devotes time to his classic car, participates in vehicle events and shows, and enjoys moments of relaxation with family and friends.

To get in touch with Michael you can reach him on 027 801 7973 or