New Zealand

Delta Spotlight - Simone Batty

As the Underwriting Operations Manager at Delta Insurance, Simone Batty embraces the opportunity to establish streamlined processes and standards across a growing team, with the goal of delivering consistent experiences for every customer and broker engaging with the business.

Recognising and appreciating the importance of ‘the art of underwriting’, she’s taking an enabling approach which delivers the tools and processes freeing underwriters from legwork, liberating them so they can focus on creating real value for partners and individual clients.

Like many in the industry, Simone admits that her start in insurance was a happy accident. What started as a temp job in 1990 quickly ignited a passion; or, as she says, “Once stuck in, there was never any desire to leave”

A versatile professional with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she’s navigated various roles as an underwriter in Marine and Property, an Operations Controller, served in an IT role and as a Business Analyst, taken the reigns as a Portfolio Solutions Manager and later Portfolio and Underwriting Manager, and Distribution Operations manager. Little wonder she says “There are phenomenal opportunities for learning on the job. And there are so many facets to insurance not just underwriting, including IT, marketing, software development, finance, and more. It’s an awesome industry to be able to build a career.”

She’s joined Delta owing to the stellar reputation enjoyed by the company, and because it’s an opportunity to make her mark on a growing business reaching the critical mass where formal systems and processes become necessary. “The trick here, of course, is doing that without stifling creativity and innovation,” Simone smiles.

Beyond the office, Simone is a devoted mother to two teenage girls, with her husband also working in the industry. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance, she engages in fitness activities like gym workouts and unexpectedly discovered a fondness for boxing. The family bach in the Coromandel serves as a peaceful retreat – fortified with a glass of wine and a good book.