New Zealand

Delta Spotlight - Siva Govender

“I quite like insurance, even if the number of years I’ve been in it makes me seem quite old.” That’s right, Senior Property Underwriter Siva Govender, has been in the industry since 1980, bringing with him a passion for insurance and decades of experience.

Siva got his start in his native South Africa after initially intending to become an electrician. After being shoulder tapped by an insurance industry operator, he decided to give it a shot and started in data control. With a clear aptitude for numbers and analysis, it wasn’t long before his talent was recognised and a move to underwriting was made and Siva moved rapidly up the ranks.

On arrival in New Zealand in 2001, getting into the insurance industry proved am initial challenge, with recruiters insisting on local experience. Undaunted, Siva took a call centre job where his talent and insight as a proven underwriter quickly shone through. Before long, he was moved back into underwriting where he flourished, including building a new (and ultimately highly successful) division from scratch.

Finding underwriting rewarding as a continual test of analysis, calculation and applying of one’s mind, Siva says every risk – and therefore every day - is different and that makes the vocation unique.

When a colleague approached him about an opportunity with Delta Insurance, he jumped at the chance. “As an innovator and a disruptor in the market, Delta has a great reputation. It has the right model and growth is on the agenda where I can leverage my experience and have a real impact on the company’s direction and success,” he says.

Siva’s focus and experience is currently in Property, which he believes there is considerable untapped potential for Delta in this specialty. His inclusive approach of mentoring and guiding staff combines with decades of experience (which extends to commercial vehicles and contract works) is expected to significantly increase the ratio of property to liability business written by Delta’s New Zealand operations in the near future.

With his children grown and moved to Melbourne, Siva is a proud grandparent who relishes every opportunity to spend time with his family. A keen fisherman, he is also an inveterate tinkerer of all things mechanical and electronic.