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Whitepaper: Embracing Cyber Risk Management: The Increasing Risks of Cyber Threats

We are extremely thrilled today to announce the release of our brand new cyber whitepaper, Embracing Cyber Risk Management: The Increasing Risks of Cyber Threats. The whitepaper provides expert insights on the latest cybersecurity threats and trends, and offers practical advice on how to manage risks.​

‘Delta Insurance released its first cyber white paper in 2018, when supply outstripped demand with a focus on education. Today, many of those dynamics have reversed.’ – Craig Kirk Group Executive Director, Underwriting​

With cyberattacks becoming increasingly common and sophisticated, businesses of all sizes are at risk. Our whitepaper provides practical advice on how to implement effective cybersecurity controls and manage the risks. Within the Brokers Perspective by Jono Soo, Head of Cyber at Marsh New Zealand, he says ‘Cyber risks are more prevalent than ever, with no sign of a slowdown’.​

The whitepaper covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics, including:​

A Broker’s Perspective - An analysis of the Cyber ecosystem​

The Cyber Landscape - The changing face of cyber security in the New Zealand workplace​

Risk Management Strategies - How to protect your business​

The whitepaper is a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes, IT professionals, government agencies, and individuals interested in cybersecurity.​

Download the cyber whitepaper today!​

For more information about cyber and insurance please contact your Delta rep.