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Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

Introducing Delta's gear-changing Commercial Motor Vehicle insurance. Specifically tailored for clients with large, high value, specialist or corporate fleets of 100 or more. Our policy provides protection against accidental loss or damage as well as innovative features that aniticpate and tackle emerging risks, setting a new standard in the market.


Our cover reflects the changing landscape of Commercial Motor Vehicle insurance such as electric and autonomous vehicles.

Delta is outside of ‘Knock for Knock’, as this allows for your premium to be based on the claims costs you have been responsible for, and not all incurred claims regardless of fault. We recover claims costs where you have not been at fault. This rewards customers, who prioritise a culture of safe driving.

Coverage Benefits

Electric / Hybrid / Hydrogen Vehicle Cover

Cover for Loss or Damage and liability caused by power surges to the vehicle battery and to charging equipment.

Airside Liability

We cover liability arising out of the operation of any insured vehicle within the designated vehicle areas of any commercial airport with commercially scheduled flights.

Incorrect Fuel

We cover your vehicle that has been accidentally operated with the incorrect fuel type.

Completion of Journey Costs

We cover costs for hiring a vehicle to complete your journey following an accident.

Keys and Locks

We will cover the costs of stolen keys, including the costs reasonably incurred to replace that key and any recoding required.

Signwriting / Vehicle Wraps

You are covered for signwriting that has been included in your sum insured.

Property In Transit

We will cover Loss or Damage to your property being carried in the Vehicle at the time of an accident.

Section 2 cover up to $20 million

3rd party cover is a standard $20 million.

Authorised Drivers' Personal Effects

A driver’s baggage and personal effects are covered.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

We cover damage to your vehicle if it has been operated with Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Financial Charge

We will cover the balance of any outstanding charge owing on an insured vehicle.

Autonomous Vehicle Cover

You are covered for using autonomous vehicle features and aids provided you are following all manufacturers and government or other regulatory bodies' guidelines and requirements.

Optional Add-on

Loss of Use / Loss of Profit

Hired and Rented Vehicles

Principal’s Indemnity

Goods in Transit – Third Party Goods


New Zealand

Target Segments

Our solution generally suits large, high value, specialised or corporate fleets of more than 100 vehicles. Vehicles that are covered include light motor, heavy vehicles, plant and machinery.

Dealerships are also included.

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