New Zealand

Environmental Liability Insurance – Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)

We provide cover for your service industry that addresses a range of environmental risks not often covered under other insurance policies.


This policy covers you for your legal liability arising from exacerbating existing pollution conditions, introducing new pollution conditions, claims made and obligations directed by a regulatory body.

It also covers you for your legal liability arising from bodily injury, property damage and environmental damage caused by pollution incidents that occur when providing services, as well as emergency response expenses that are required to contain and remediate the contamination.


Sudden & Accidental as well as Gradual Pollution incidents

Emergency response costs

Costs incurred to respond to a pollution incident.

Third Party Bodily Injury

Physical injury, disease, mental anguish or emotional distress

Third Party Property Damage

Claims for damage, including the resultant loss of use, to third party property

Clean Up Costs

Covers gradual as well as sudden and accidental pollution conditions covered

Asbestos/ Microbial Matter

Broad definition of pollution includes asbestos and microbial matter.

Fixed Site

Cover provided for pollution from your own site.


NZ and Pacific Islands domiciled risks.

Worldwide Territory and Jurisdiction can be considered on request.

Target Segments

General contractors

Commercial, residential, municipal, infrastructure, demolition, excavation and grading

Building trades

plumbing and electrical

Specialty contractors

Oil and gas, pipeline, drillers

Remediation contractors

asbestos, amphetamines, emergency clean-up, general remediation



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