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General, Employers, & Statutory Liability Insurance

General, Employers, & Statutory Liability Insurance

A comprehensive package designed to protect businesses against general commercial liabilities and modern exposures.


Our General Liability cover protects you against the cost of compensating third parties if they suffer a personal injury or damage to their property for which you are legally liable. Employers’ Liability protects you from claims from staff injured in the workplace, where they are not covered by ACC. Our Statutory Liability cover protects you from prosecution under a number of New Zealand Acts of Parliament.

Coverage Benefits

Designed for modern day exposures

This policy is specifically tailored to meet the contractual requirements you face in today’s business environment.

No ‘Property Being Worked On’ Exclusion

Unlimited Reinstatements

The full policy limit is available for each claim, even if you’ve already had a claim that year.

NIL Excess on Defence Costs

Uncapped defence costs with no excess payable on a successful defence (insureds only pay the excess if they’re liable)

Proactive Loss Mitigation

Helps you recover your losses in a crisis.

Rectification of Faulty Work

HSW Crisis Response Costs

Optional Add-on Policy

Our Pursuit and Defence Legal Costs Policy provides funding for you to pursue a legal case, as well as defend litigation that comes your way. This covers you for property disputes, data protection, employee breach of restrictive covenants, commercial contract disputes and Statutory Licence (such as a Liquor Licence).


NZ and Pacific Islands domiciled

Worldwide Jurisdiction can be provided

Target Segments

Office risks

Property owners









General commercial risks



Worldwide capacity

Primary & Excess

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